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***(You have the opportunity to try this special one time, at any time that you would like! This way, you can truly enjoy a full month of our offerings! NOTE: The 30 days begin immediately upon purchase. Please plan to purchase the same day you wish to begin practice)


-Drop-in $15
-Drop-in Student & Military Discount $12 (ID Req'd, purchase in studio only & please express that you are a student)

Class cards

-5 Class Card $65
-10 Class Card $120

Monthly Memberships unlimited

-Monthly Member UNLIMITED $89 (Autopay, no commitment/ purchase in studio only)

-Student & Military Monthly UNLIMITED $79 (ID Req'd, Autopay & Single month options available/ purchase in studio only)

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Private sessions

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Looking to rent a local, open, well lit, clean space with great acoustics? Consider Yoga Brain!

We rent space for:

-Children’s programs & CPR Courses

-Birthday parties, Bachelorette parties & Office parties

-Private sessions or rehearsals for Yoga, Dance (No Tap or Jazz Shoes please) & Music

-Audio & Video Recordings for Vlogs, Podcasts & YouTube

-Private or group sessions for Yoga Therapy, DMT (Dance movement Therapy), Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Occupational Therapy & Speech Therapy

-Private or Group sessions for Language Courses, Book Clubs

-Art Shows, Comedy Performances & so much more!

**Space rental pricing & logistics is on a case by case basis. To best accommodate your needs, please email Justine to inquire about details.

Class Descriptions:

All of our classes are heated to a cozy 80 degrees.

Cyclist's & Runner's Yoga

This 60 minute class focuses on creating better balance in the cyclist & runner body.  Tending to both over utilized & under active areas in this body type, we establish abetter sense of balance to prevent injuries! 

NOTE: You DO NOT need to be a cyclist or a runner to enjoy & benefit from this class :) 

This class is for anyone who looking to:
- Open your hips/ hip flexors
- Open your quads & hamstrings
- Open your calves & achilles
- Create ankle stability & strengthen the arches of your feet
- Release your low back
- Lengthen your side body & IT band
- Strengthen your core
- Open your chest & shoulders
- Increase your lung capacity!

Dynamic Flow

A style of Vinyasa influenced by principles of Fluid Movement, and informed by safe and effective alignment for optimizing ease and grace in body and mind. In these 60 & 75 minute classes, expect a moderate to challenging practice that open and adaptable to all levels of skill, with opportunities for improving strength, flexibility, mobility, and movement following the breath. The pace is steady, while following a linking of postures in a dance like pattern.

Fundamentals Flow (Beginners & Beyond!)

Foundations Flow gets you back to fundamental principles of your Vinyasa Yoga practice. Although this class is specifically geared toward beginners, it is open to all levels of practice! Looking to get back to the basics?  This class is for you!  Focus on proper alignment of sitting and standing poses, utilize breath work in practice and some philosophy of yoga.  Build the foundations of your practice to be confident  in a nonjudgmental environment. 

Hatha Flow

This 60 minute class is designed to create a steady flow of asana & sun salutations with longer held postures with focus on proper alignment. Awareness of breath with poses is emphasized and allows time for the mind & body both to slow down, absorb & experience the offerings of each posture.  This class is an open levels class & accessible to beginners :)

Heavy (Metta)L Yoga (coming back soon!!)

The gritty, spastic, blasting nature of heavy metal music is plot driven & unconventional.  It is thrashy, expansive, & explosive ,yet releasing, melodious & atmospheric.  Blast beat your practice with this primal & spectacular class.

Metta is loving-kindness, friendliness, goodwill & fellowship. 

Love Yoga?  Love Heavy Metal?  This class is for you! #HeavyMettaL

*Drop-ins, class cards, monthly memberships & ClassPass apply!

Kundalini (Coming back soon!!!!)

This fun & physically challenging 60 minute class explores the powerful energy of Kundalini Yoga! Kundalini has a deep focus on Pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, as well as spine health & mobility.  No two classes are the same! Experience a profound mind, body & spirit connection in this Raj Yoga practice. Awaken your original Self. This is an open levels class!

Open Levels Vinyasa

In these 60 minute classes you dive into the broad spectrum world of Vinyasa yoga. Lengthen, strengthen & balance as you link breath to movement in creative and intelligently choreographed classes. This class is open to all levels of practice & can be customized for both the beginner & the advanced yogi as well as everyone in between!

Power Flow

Come prepared to sweat as we align movement with breath in this vigorous and mindful vinyasa flow to jumpstart your weekend! We will build strength, flexibility, and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind. Students leave feeling a little better prepared for our most difficult vinyasa – heart felt living in the world! This class is open to all levels.

Sculpt & Flow

It's yoga with weights! This athletic class incorporates a designated cardio portion to get the heart rate up, a deep core section to increase stability & strength and sculpting movements with muscle action movements to tone the body while holding traditional yoga postures. You'll work your upper body, lower body and core. This class gives you the opportunity to build muscle to feel stronger in your yoga practice and ends in a well deserved relaxation. *Prior yoga experience recommended. **This fun & challenging class can also be taken without the use of weights & you will STILL feel the benefits- #LegsFeelLikeJello

Sound Bath Meditation (coming soon!!!!)

Thursday & Friday Lunch Flow (Power Vinyasa)

Wind up your week with this 45 minute flow! Break up the day, have some FUN & shake off the excess junk- your weekend awaits!  *Specially designed for you to get it all in AND have the time to eat- because lunch is the most important meal of the day (right there with breakfast, dinner & snacks) ;) This is an open levels class!

Wake & Flow

Rise & shine with a balanced 60 minute practice.  Enjoy a slow and submerged start to the practice with longer holds.  Feel the heat build into a powerful flow that gets your body moving, your energy flowing and your day going! This class is open to all levels of practice, beginners are welcomed :)


In these 75 & 90 minute classes, we explore the intricate relationship between equal & opposite practices- moving, changing, heat building, pushing, pulling, striving YANG. Stillness, observance, cooling, releasing, accepting YIN.  Your mind may be more challenged than you think.  Your body will be more balanced than you can imagine.  Relax. Release. Restore. Don't forget to put your shoes on after this class #yogabrain! This is an open levels class! *Some classes are by candlelight or with aromatherapy, please see schedule for details.

Yin Yoga

Yin is a cooling practice that gently stretches the more plastic-like layers of your body such as ligaments, tendons, fascia, joints and even bone! In these 60 & 75 minute classes, we will explore the Yin principles and benefits. Predominantly, a floor practice, we use props to support your body in different shapes, allowing your muscles to release. In doing so, these other areas of your body can receive the action of the posture.

Who is this good for? Everyone! This is a very complimentary practice to anyone with an active lifestyle! Whether you participate heating building yoga practices, run, cycle, swim, dance, or maybe hold a fast paced and stressful job, this is for you. It is also wonderful for those who prefer to move slowly, spend time in postures and who may experience limited joint mobility. *Hold times will hover around 3-5 minutes with variations. Please bring a light sweater that is loose and comfortable.

**Some of these classes are by candlelight or with aromatherapy, see the schedule for details.

Hosted Programs:

Music with Gina!

"Music With Gina" is a class designed for babies/toddlers (ages 6mo to 4yrs) and caregivers. The intention for each class is to allow your little one the freedom to express themselves in a compassionate setting through the use of movement, playing, and singing.

Gina’s class also creates tons of opportunities for positive interaction with you, their caregiver. Music classes are meant to enrich, enliven, and entertain! it's just fun! Thursday’s 9:30-1015a Yoga Brain 💓

All inquires, payments, registrations & class cancellations are through the Music with Gina website :)