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Class Descriptions

Ashtanga Flow

Inspired by the Mysore lineage, this 60 minute class will focus on the asanas found within the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga and their alignments. A balance of long, strong holds & powerful flows, this class heightens your senses & sharpens your focus. Class is open to all levels of practice, beginners are more than welcome to attend :)

Wake & Flow

Rise & shine with a powerful 60 minute flow to get your body moving, your energy flowing and your day going!  This class is open to all levels of practice, beginners are welcomed :)

Kundalini Power

This fun & physically challenging 45 minute class fuses powerful Vinyasa & Classic Yoga postures with the energy of Kundalini Yoga! You will learn how to ride this wave of energy, to experience it and penetrate any given situation to attain a balance. With a deep focus on breathing, sound and meditation, you experience a profound mind, body & spirit connection in this Raj Yoga practice. Awaken your original Self. This is an open levels class!

Cyclist's & Runner's Yoga

This 60 minute class focuses on creating better balance in the cyclist & runner body.  Tending to both over utilized & under active areas in this body type, we establish abetter sense of balance to prevent injuries!  NOTE: You DO NOT need to be a cyclist or a runner to enjoy & benefit from this class :) 
- Open your hips/ hip flexors
- Open your quads & hamstrings
- Open your calves & achilles
- Create ankle stability & strengthen the arches of your feet
- Release your low back
- Lengthen your side body & IT band
- Strengthen your core
- Open your chest & shoulders
- Increase your lung capacity!

Women's Yoga

This 75 minute class is geared toward supporting Women through the celebration of feminine moon energy & diving deeper into moon cycle movements. Foster your intuition, creativity and balance through this ancient practice by working with your own cycle through asanas, breathe work, mantras and meditation. This class is also supportive to those who are pregnant as well as postnatal.  Please connect with your teacher about your body for a highly customized experience!


Yin is a cooling practice that gently stretches the more plastic-like layers of your body such as ligaments, tendons, fascia, joints and even bone! In this 60 minute class, we will explore the Yin principles and benefits. Predominantly, a floor practice, we use props to support your body in different shapes, allowing your muscles to release. In doing so, these other areas of your body can receive the action of the posture.

Who is this good for? Everyone! This is a very complimentary practice to anyone with an active lifestyle! Whether you participate heating building yoga practices, run, cycle, swim, dance, or maybe hold a fast paced and stressful job, this is for you. It is also wonderful for those who prefer to move slowly, spend time in postures and who may experience limited joint mobility. *Hold times will hover around 3-5 minutes with variations. Please bring a light sweater that is loose and comfortable.


This 75 minute Sivananda Hatha Yoga class incorporates meditation, pranayama (breath work), asana and deep relaxation. Class begins with meditation & two types of pranayama: Kapalabhati & Anuloma Viloma. The asana portion of the class is composed of Sun Salutation warm up followed by 12 postures with a brief relaxation between each posture.  To conclude, enjoy a deep relaxation & guided meditation. Open the energy centers of the body, revitalize & balance life force energy. 

Who can benefit from this practice?  Everyone!  Develop your pranayama practice & manage daily stress.


In this dynamic 90 minute class, we explore the intricate relationship between equal & opposite practices- moving, changing, heat building, pushing, pulling, striving YANG. Stillness, observance, cooling, releasing, accepting YIN.  Your mind may be more challenged than you think.  Your body will be more balanced than you can imagine.  Don't forget to put your shoes on after this class #yogabrain! This is an open levels class!

Friday Lunch Flow

Wind up your week with this 45 minute flow! Break up the day, have some FUN & shake off the excess junk- your weekend awaits!  *Specially designed for you to get it all in AND have the time to eat- because lunch is the most important meal of the day (right there with breakfast, dinner & snacks) ;) This is an open levels class!

Hatha Flow

This 60 minute class is designed to create a steady flow of asana & sun salutations with longer held postures with focus on proper alignment. Awareness of breath with poses is emphasized and allows time for the mind & body both to slow down, absorb & experience the offerings of each posture.  This class is an open levels class & accessible to beginners :)

Fusion Flow

This 75 minute class draws on inspiration from many styles of yoga ranging from power practices, traditional styles, & modern influences.  You will experience a dynamic range of long holds, breath led fluid flows, energy building & balancing breath work & variations on your favorite asanas. Being our signature class, we celebrate the growth, progress & explosively creative journey of yoga while honoring foundations & tradition.  *This class is geared to students who have at least 1 year of consistent yoga practice in any tradition.

Open Levels Vinyasa

In these 60 & 75 minute classes you dive into the broad spectrum world of Vinyasa yoga.  Lengthen, strengthen & balance as you link breath to movement in creative and intelligently choreographed classes.  This class is open to all levels of practice & can be customized for both the beginner & the advanced yogi as well as everyone in between!