Late Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of your class is considered “late” within 1 hour of the class start time or if you pre-register for class without attending. A late cancellation will result in loss of the class. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from attending or you must late cancel, you can email to have your class added back to your account.


Pre-registration for workshops holds your place for that workshop and sometimes guarantees you an early bird rate! Failure to attend workshops, particularly for workshops with limited capacity prevents others from participating in your place. Some of our workshops are presented by traveling teachers and require minimum attendance to hold. You will be charged as if you were in attendance and no credit will be given back to you.

Lost & Found:

Items are placed under the chalkboard wall. All items left behind will only be held for 30 days from the date left. If you think that you may have left something behind, please feel free to email us at

Studio Etiquette:

  • Have fun, be conscious & respectful of your fellow yogis, Make this your hOMe

  • Unplug to Plug in. Leave phones & gadgets outside of the practice space & place on silent mode.

  • Make the most of your time here. Be on time, stay until the end. Studio opens 15 minutes before each class, the front door is locked 3 minutes after the scheduled start time. Please come early :)

  • Communication is key. Let your teacher know if you have special circumstances, injuries, on call for work, etc. before class begins. This is so we can best serve you!

  • Keep it clean!

    • Tend to your personal hygiene :) In more traditional practices, it is customary to shower before you practice.

    • Illnesses: If you are too sick to work, you may be too sick to practice. Although yoga can be very healing in so many ways, take rest & also help prevent spreading germs to other students.

    • Respect the studio space & leave it better than you saw it (wipe & return your props). Rent a mat? Please wipe down & then leave it in the studio space for us to clean again :)

    • Speak kindly of others in your conversations <3

  • Honor sacred space. When the weather is nice, we like to have our doors open & someone just may fly in! Do not kill other creatures, let them outside or speak to your teacher.