Community & Partners

We are collaborators and believe in the power of community and the strength of connectivity. 
Interested in working with us?  See some of our current and previous community partners and our creations!


Clean Air Council 2018 Partnership

YB & Clean Air Council join together in 2018 to provide you with fun, healthy and family friendly events for your body and environment!  YB supports Clean Air Council's annual Greenfest and the Run for Clean Air by providing participants with complimentary yoga outdoors!  Enjoy all things GREEN with us! 
How we align:  Environment. Awareness. Action.


East Falls Farmers Market 2018 Partnership

YB & EFFM join together in 2018 to bring you a weekly showcase of local artisans and talents. YB contributes to the farmers market through offering pay-what-you-can donation based yoga classes.
How we align: Community. Culture. Dedication.


Honest 2018 Partnership

YB and Honest join together in 2018 to provide you with a healthy, refreshing and fun experience!  Enjoy a YB class and a complimentary Honest Tea.  Through this partnership, we look to showcase the growth, depth and personality of the relationships we have with the people we serve.
How we align:  Health. Sustainability. Service.


Priya Hot Yoga 2019 Partnership

YB and Priya join together in 2019 to provide you with a life altering retreat around the globe to Tuscany!  By our powers combined, we bring you a unique opportunity to enjoy the vibes and offerings of 2 studios in one magical journey.
How we align:  Adventure. Culture. Discovery.


Rutabaga Circle

YB & Rutabaga Circle join together in 2018 to provide you with family friendly, kid centered programs right in your own backyard!   YB happily hosts RC's Music with Gina classes, inspiring children with the joy of music!    
How we align: Creativity. Family. Community.


The Local Newspaper 2018 Partnership

YB and The East Falls Local newspaper join together in 2018 to provide you with local happenings and healthy tips to enhance your living experience, right where you are!  Want to know when the next new restaurant is opening?  Looking for a family fun day?  Beer garden?  Farm fresh food inspiration and other healthy tips?  Check out The Local and YB featured articles.
How we align:  Enhancement. Community. Fun.

Vault & Vine 2018 Partnership

YB and Vault & Vine join together in 2018 to provide you with a fun, close to home experience!  Enjoy a YB class at V&V twice a week, all summer leading to the YB grand opening!  Absorb the tropical aromas of the flowers and trees as well as a relaxed working atmosphere in the V&V greenhouse cafe.
How we align: Community. Nature. Versatility.